Archived – Course Manager and Exams Organiser links (Summer upgrade 2012)

Why is the link in Exams Organiser greyed out?

Links are now maintained through Tools / Academic Management / Course Manager / Maintain Courses

  Panel 3 – Examination

This panel is  a new addition. Previously the link between a course and an exam was made in Examinations Organiser but now this is completed within Course Manager. The link is still visible via Examinations Organiser but is read-only. The examination panel ignores the date filter for the course.

After the summer upgrade any links made historically to an award will be displayed in the Examinations panel, so there may be more than one award showing in Panel 3.   These awards will be showing in Yellow as Course Manager cannot determine when the links were valid to and from.     Where there are multiple awards linked to a course the school will need decide whether  to

a)      Delete any links that were never valid for that course so that only the correct one is linked  AND / OR

b)       Put in the correct from and to dates in Panel 3 for the links to awards that are valid, making sure those dates do not overlap  e.g. the Course was taking an Edexel Exam in 2011-2012 but is taking an WJEC exam in 2012-2013.


Archived on 16/02/2018

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