Hosted Application Service for SIMS – How Do I Request A New User?

You’ll first need to create an account for the user in  Normally the user would be created in Personnel and then added to System Manager as a known user to the system.  Add the user to the appropriate SIMS groups.  Also create accounts in FMS and DCC/Plymouth Apps if required.  Once you have completed this, then there are two ways to request a user:

We have developed a tool to allow you to request a new user without needing to log a call with the Service Desk.  At least one user in each secondary school will have this tool and we have started rolling it out to the main administrators in primary schools.  If you or a colleague in your school have this tool, then this is the simplest way to request a new user.

We have produced a short video to demonstrate how to use this tool, which can be run from this link.

However, if you prefer, you can folllow the written instructions below.

You can see if you have this tool by looking at the left hand side of for a shortcut panel called User Management.  If you have this panel, then click on the Request New User link under this.  To use this tool you’ll need to do the following:

  • Select the user that you created in System Manager earlier from the SIMS Username drop down box – as per Audit requirements, user accounts must be named per person and not generic i.e., supply.teacher etc. are not permissible
  • Make sure that the first name and surname are correct
  • If the user has their own school e-mail address, then enter this, otherwise leave the e-mail address blank
  • Select the role for the member of staff from the drop down box
  • Select the e-mail address to send the details to
  • Click on Request User

The new user details will be e-mailed to the selected address within two working days.  Once the account has been created you can assign shortcuts such as FMS using the TS Shortcuts tool which is also under User Management.

If no one in the school has the User Management tools, then create the account in System Manager as shown above, and then contact the Scomis Service Desk with the following information:

  • Users first name and surname
  • The name of the account you created in System Manager
  • The user’s individual school e-mail address if they have one
  • Details of any additional modules outside that they need access to e.g. FMS, DCC/Plymouth Apps, Scamp or Probe

Details should be e-mailed to you within two working days.

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