Encryption: How to: EMERGENCY Recovery Procedure

Use of this procedure is entirely at your own risk

This procedure and the application “Safetech” if used incorrectly can and will cause irrecoverable data loss

How to: EMERGENCY Recovery Procedure


Should the encryption installation become corrupted it maybe possible to recover by following this “emergency boot” procedure which will reinstall the encryption software installation.

Tools Required:


  1. Restart the problem computer using the SafeTech Boot Disk.
    1. You may need to toggle the SATA controller option in the bios from AHCI/Legacy to get this CD to work.  remember the change back after the procedure.
  2. When prompted, type your authorization code.NOTE: Visit http://faq.scomis.org/kb4849/ to obtain the code
  3. From the main menu, click SafeBoot, then need to authenticate using one of the following options:
    • Authenticate from SBFS – always try this option first
  1. Logon with selected token “password only token”
  2. Enter the users encryption username and password
    • Authenticate from Database – Scomis need to provide you with a machine export file from the central server to use this option and it should only be used when the “Authenticate from SBFS” method fails
      1. When the Select Transfer Database window opens, ensure that the correct system configuration is on the disk.
  1. Select the correct system configuration, then click OK.
  2. When the Select Machine window opens, confirm that the correct name is listed (there should only be one name listed).
  3. Click Use Selected Machine.
  • Click SafeBoot, Emergency Boot.
  • You see a prompt showing the Windows version being used. If you are using Windows XP or earlier installed, click Yes – Please note Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. If you are still using Windows XP you should upgrade or replace your computer ASAP.
  • If you are using Windows 2003, Vista, or later, click No.
  • Click OK to confirm and continue the Emergency Boot.
  • After Windows starts, if a network connection to the Scomis Encryption server is available, the computer will synchronize with the Endpoint Encryption Object Directory and fully repair itself.
  • To verify this, right-click the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Tray Manager icon in the Windows system tray on the task bar and select Show Status.NOTE: If you have no connection to the internet at this time, you will have to continue to use the SafeTech boot disk until such a time as you can connect.


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