SchoolComms V8 upgrade – changes required within SIMS

Capita have changed the way Schoolcomms is launched from SIMS to make it possible for other partners to also have links on the Focus Menu and Pupil Details screen.

We have followed the steps required by Schoolcomms to reconfigure our hosted applications environment to allow access to Schoolcomms and upgraded Schoolcomms to Version 8 at the same time.

The following changes are also required by the school –

Someone with SIMS system manager access will need to login to SIMS and open Tools > Setups > Partner Plugin config screen.


Click on the first Focus Menu Item with a red cross next to it and press the Open button
Drop down the plugin menu that opens and choose Schoolcomms from the list

Click OK

Repeat this process for the first ‘Students’ button with a red cross next to it.

Save changes and exit SIMS.

Reviewed 29/05/2015

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