New options when Importing CTF’s

With the Autumn Upgrade to SIMS the CTF process has been updated.

Routines > Data In > Import CTF

When Importing a CTF you will be faced with 4 options.

General – This will import all the information selected in the tick boxes In panel 1

Add Pupil Only – This will only import data for new pupils , data for existing pupils will be ignored

Add Data for Existing Pupil Only – This will only import data in the CTF for existing pupils, new pupils contained in the CTF will not be imported into

Add ULN’s for Existing Pupils Only – Only ULN’s will be imported for existing students only. The ULN will only be added where it is missing it will not overwrite existing ULN’s.

Click Here for advice on retrieving and Importing your ULN response file.

Once you have select your option you will then get a message to say Matching Scale 2 selected. For more information on Matching Scale or how to change the matching scale please go to

Reviewed on 12/08/2016

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