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Some users have reported that using the Hosted Applications and the Scomis VPN Gateway causes the session to drop within a few seconds of connecting.  We had previously noticed a similar problem with Windows XP/7 where a printer driver was not fully compatible with our ScrewDrivers virtual printer software

With further investigation, there appears to be a fault with the implementation of the with Windows 8 remote desktop client which relates to offline network printers.  Internet users report that removing the network printers results in a far more stable connection to a Remote Desktop server.

When a user connects to the Scomis Hosted Applications Service (Remote Desktop Services) using the Scomis Client, a connector file is written to disk and then run.  You will always use this method when connecting from a school network.  The connector file instructs the software not to connect the Windows Printers to the Remote Server.  Your session will still have printers, since ScrewDrivers uses its own propitiatory method of handling printer information.

When connecting from the VPN, no such connection file is created, instead a default “Windows” version is used with default settings which typically connect Windows printers to the Remote Server.

The steps below show how you can work around the problem by altering a file named “Default.rdp” which is used for the default Remote Desktop session.

  1. From the Windows 8 Start screen, Press and hold the Windows key on the keyboard, then tap the letter R to display the Run dialog box.win8-startmenu
  2. Type the letters MSTSC into the Run dialog box and press OK
  3. The Remote Desktop Client will be displayed, Click on the Show Options link to open the additional connection options.
  4. Click the Local Resources Tab, then remove the tick from the Printers option
  5. Click on the General Tab, then click the Save Button
  6. Finally close the Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the Red X in the top right corner of the app.

Completing the above should only need to be done once and should work around the problem caused by the incompatibility in the Windows 8 client and connecting to a Remote Server.



With help from Newton St Cyres Primary School


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