Encryption: Data Recovery on an Encrypted Device

Please note that pre-requisites for installing encryption onto a mobile device require it to be fully backed up. We also recommend that (as with any date stored on a computer) the data is backed up regularly.

It is possible that during the encryption process or afterwards at a later date the hard disc malfunctions.  In this case normal recovery methods will not work with an encrypted disc.

If the data has not been backed up Scomis can attempt data recovery for you.  Please note that this is chargeable at our standard rate. Please cal the service desk for current prices.

If the school arranges for the laptop to be delivered to Scomis we will be able to carry out an initial diagnosis free of charge and give you an idea how much data recovery is likely to cost.  We may also be able to collect the laptop from the school if we have a technician nearby. Alternatively, if we do not have a technician nearby and your request is urgent you can choose to pay for a technician to collect the laptop and deliver it to Scomis.

If you would like to arrange an attempt at data recovery for an encrypted device please log a call with the Service Desk.

Note: we are only able to attempt recovery of data from a device on the Scomis Encryption Service. Devices encrypted with other software such as truecrypt can not be recovered.


Last  Reviewed: 23/12/2014

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