How Do I Create a Report to Show Student Photos in a Grid View?

In SIMS .net go to:

  • Reports
  • Design Report
  • Create a new report
  • Student – Next
  • On roll – Next
  • Select the fields required e.g Forename & Surname, Photo, Reg Group – Next
  • Add required filters e.g. New – Year Group is one of – Tick Prompt at runtime – OK, And – Reg group is one of – Tick Prompt at runtime – OK, And Photo Available – Click in True – OK -Next
  • Sort by Reg Group – Next – Next
  • Select Form Report (RTF)
  • Click User -Defined Template
  • If you haven’t already created a template then select  Yes to start from a blank template, if you have already created one you can select Edit
  • On the template select Add-Ins
  • Add the fields you require from Insert Report Field e.g.





  • Go to Page Layout – Columns – Select 3 Columns
  • Go back to Add-Ins – Save and Close
  • Save your report – Save As and give it a name
  • Run your report


Reviewed – 19/03/2018

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