Post 16 Learning Aims and the Autumn 2014 Census

Post 16 Learning Aims are now collected annually in the Autumn census. 

The Autumn 2014 census date is 2nd October 2014.



  1. To download the draft guidance on preparing Post 16 LA for collection in the Autumn 2014 census click here.
  2. To download the 2014-2015 EFA Funding Guidanceclick here.

Useful Links

Funding queries should be directed to the EFA at YPCentralSW.EFA@education.gsi/

DfE QAN Web Service (QWS)


Key Changes!

 1. Collection of planned non-qualification and qualification hours of hours of study for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015

Schools are required to record the planned non-qualification and qualification hours of study restrospectively for 2013-2014 and also to record what is planned for 2014-2015.

Frequently asked Questions on Funding

Answers are taken from the 2014-2015 EFA funding guidance which you can download from the link above .  All schools are strongly advised to read the full guidance.

Which hours are eligible for funding? Page 21 paragraph 70

“To count for funding purposes, planned hours that make up a coherent study programme must be timetabled, organised and/or supervised by the institution and within that institution’s normal working pattern”

How many hours will qualify as a fulltime student? Page 21 paragraph 71

“The number of hours of study within individual students’ study programmes will vary but from 2014/15 must be at least 540 hours per year to qualify as a full time student.”

Will schools be audited? Page 21 paragraph 72

“When entering the planned hours on data returns ….. these need to be supported by auditable evidence of eligible timetabled activity.  The EFA has commissioned some additional audit work in Summer 2014 to ensure that the planned hours recorded are genuine  …..

Advice on Qualification Hours – Page 22 paragraphs 75 and 76.

Advice on Non Qualification Hours – Page 22 paragraphs 77 and 78

The main route for updating SIMS with non qualification and qualification hours of study is through Tools / Academic Management / Course Manager / Maintain Programmes of Study.  Please download and read the guidance above for more detailed guidance.

2. Collection of Core Learning Aims for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 Vocational Students only

Two routes are available in SIMS

  • Focus / Student / Courses allows you to highlight the Core Learning Aim for individual students
  • Tools / Academic Management/ Course Manager / Maintain Course allows to open a Vocational Course and in Panel 7. Student Memberships – tick the Core Learning Aim against each student in the course.

3. Collection of students in Full-time Employment

The record of hours for full-time students (who work more than 20 hours or more per week excluding weekends and evening work) needs to be updated.  There is a new panel in Additional Details in the student record for Post 16 students.









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