19 Feb 2015
The inbuilt Attendance and Lesson Monitor reports are designed to output to a web browser such as Internet Explorer. It is possible to export the data from the web browser to Microsoft…
5 Mar 2014
  You will need to be a member of any of the following User Groups in System Manager to run this function: Administration Assistant, Assessment Coordinator, Assessment Operator, Class Teacher, Pastoral Manager,…
30 Oct 2012
The Autumn upgrade has introduced new options when choosing to export a CTF Routines >  Data Out > Export CTF. You will now be faced with 2 Export Type options. General -…
Export to xml

How to Export the Results Using the Key Stage Manager Wizard

If you wish to use the Key Stage Manager Wizard to export the results to a XML file:

1. Click the Next button on the Individual Report screen.


2.  The Group Membership Dates display the current academic year by default. If you wish to change these dates click the Refresh button to display the pupils who are on roll between the selected dates for the particular group.

3. Deselect the check boxes adjacent to any pupils for whom you do not wish to export results.

4. Click the Export button, enter a name for results file and navigate to the location where you would like the file to be saved.

5. Click the Save button and a message The XML file has been created successfully will be displayed at the bottom of the Export screen.

6. Click the Finish button to exit the wizard.

7 .Upload the file to your LA in the normal way prescribed by them.