GoTo Resolve – Requirements

System Requirements for End users These hardware, operating system, and browser requirements apply to your end users’ computers. Recommendations for network configurations are made to ensure a smooth support experience. Desktop Requirements Hardware 1.33 GHz Dual-core CPU 130MB free memory 260MB free space Network A working internet connection with stable 1 Mbps download upload bandwidth….

Anycomms Guide v17

Anycomms Guide Version 17 as of 9th December 2020 Anycomms guide for Devon Local Authority schools Devon County Council Anycomms Guide vs17

Problems downloading files from the Devon transfer site

When downloading your files, please note that when you ”Download all” , all of the files will be downloaded as one batch.  This may cause an issue as all of the different types of files (ATF, reconciliation files etc) are coming down in one zipped file and you may find it difficult to retrieve the file. …

DTCSFinance file uploaded using the incorrect file type

Make sure the file isn’t already in Finest or X drive first and be aware that whichever team has received the file may well resend it as that is the agreed process – this would result in a duplicated rather than missing file number – if this does happen at a later date then the…

Resetting Anycomms Passwords, Memorable Words & Requesting new users

In order to reset your Anycomms password you will need to click on the ‘forgot password’ option on This will allow you to reset your password and memorable word. If you are still unable to log in or require a new user to be setup please email