How do I split equipment in Equipment Register?

Focus > Equipment > Highlight the equipment you would like to split > Click view/edit. Click the  icon (top right) Option 1 – Create one new record – Create one new record by splitting a number of items from the original quantity. Enter the number of items to be split from original quantity The new equipment…

Moving Equipment from One Room to Another in Equipment Register

Focus > Room > Highlight the room the equipment is currently situated > Click View. Select the item(s) and click the  icon (top right of the screen) Highlight the room the equipment is to be moved > Click Move. Both records are updated and saved. Reviewed 14/05/2018 kb18312

How do I delete equipment in Equipment Register?

Follow the below to remove equipment from Equipment Register. Focus > Equipment > Highlight the item > Click View/Edit. To delete the Item click the – icon on the focus bar and enter the reason for deletion. Click Save.

Changing the Room in Equipment Register

Rooms are brought across from SIMS when you open FMS Equipment Register. To Change or Update the rooms in Equipment Register you must open SIMS: In SIMS Click Focus -> School – Rooms Browse to the Room you wish to update Change the name or details which are wrong Click Save Open FMS Equipment Register and it will…