Setting up an SEN Review

All children with SEN should be reviewed on a regular basis to foster good working relationships with pupils and their parents. This should take place termly for all pupils, although pupils who have been issued with a Statement or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are required to have an annual review involving the LA….

Unable to delete linked document

Error when trying to delete Linked SEN Document – “There was an error uploading documents!” This occurs because the document itself has been deleted from this record but still remains as a Linked Document. Go to Focus>Student>Student Details Open the student’s record. Click the Linked Documents link and delete the SEN Document. This will no…

How to add date range to SEN report

In the fields section expand the +SEN option then choose the Special Needs sub report – this is at the bottom and not the same as the SEN Needs at the top. Once this is active the Start date and/or End dates may be chosen and used in the filter definitions.   Reviewed – 19/03/2018

SEN Provision in the School Census

The school census summary shows Pupils on Roll with SEN Provision and includes Number of SEN Pupils in a mainstream school who are members of a Special Provision (SEN Unit), and Number of SEN Pupils in a mainstream school who are members of a Special Provision (Resourced Provision) If a school has added SEN Provisions…

How do I change the name of the SEN or More Able Co-ordinator?

Select Tools > Setups > SEN Setup to display the SEN Setup page. To add a  new SEN Co-ordinator or More Able Co-ordinator click New and then search for the staff name. To give overall responsibility for SEN or More Able to a staff member click Set Main button. To remove a staff member from…