Can I set a password on an Excel Spreadsheet? (Excel 2010)

Before setting the password it is important to remember that if you lose or forget the password, it cannot be recovered.  Also remember that passwords are case sensitive. Click the File Button , click Save As, and on the bottom of the Save As dialog, click Tools. On the Tools menu, click General Options. Under File…

How do I get rid of all of the markups in Word?

You can either click on the arrows to go through each one to check you are happy with the change and then click on the tick or the cross. If you are happy to get rid of all of them, click on the down arrow to the right of the tick and select ‘Accept all changes in document’

Common text file types

Text file types

.doc – Microsoft Word Document – Automatically selected when saving in Word 2003

How do I open an Elevated Command Prompt?

I need to run a Command Prompt as a an administrator, how do I open an Elevated Command Prompt? There will need to be a user that has Administrative rights associated with the machine. Type cmd.exe into the search box on the Start menu. Right click on it and choose Run As or Run As…