17 Jul 2019
Unfortunately, this is not currently possible within the Sims Software.  A change request has been logged with Capita and will  hopefully be implemented in a future Sims upgrade.
1 Jun 2018
InTouch calls this a disclaimer. Please refer to the InTouch User Guide for detailed instructions on how to set up or edit a disclaimer. kb21648  
12 Apr 2018
When each student is added to the detention choose the mail button Select Send Later option and enter the day/time required This can be checked by going to Focus>InTouch>Check messages   kb20977
26 Jan 2018
If the emails are not affected then check that the school has sufficient credit to send text messages. Log into http://www.pageone.co.uk/login and check and/or top up SMS credit in order to send text…
17 Aug 2017
Defining the Recipients of Exam Result Messages   Select Tools | InTouch | Exam Results Setup | New In the Basic Details panel, enter a Description for the definition. Select the Exam…
28 Jun 2017
InTouch requires the following criteria in order for a communication to be sent to contacts. InTouch Communications box must be ticked Telephone number / Email address must be set to 'Primary' and…
27 Oct 2015
Send option is greyed out in InTouch so emails cannot be completed. As well as a valid email address in the To field please make sure there is text in both the…