Splitvhdx WSB System State backup error – Server 2012

There is a known bug with the following updates for Windows 2012 and system state backup
– KB2871777
– KB2876315
– KB2871389

It causes the error “SplitVHDX.exe has an error (exit code = 2). See backupservice.log for more detail.” within the log files.

If you are receiving that error and have those updates installed on your machine, RDP to the backup client.

Go to the installation directory on the backup client, (ie D:\backup).

Rename SplitVHDX.exe. to SplitVHDX_OLD.

Download the following replacement SplitVHDX.exe file.


Extract the new SplitVHDX.exe from the zip file and place it in the Attix program directory (this will replace the renamed _OLD exe file).

The service and client do not need to stopped or closed to make this change.

Run the backup again and check to see if the WSB system state backup now works correctly. If problem persists, escalate to the Server and Network Team to log with Redstor.

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