How do I make the registration periods appear on student timetables?

There is no need to create academic classes to match registration groups for Lesson Registration purposes because Lesson Monitor will offer Registration groups for selection in Take Register is is it set up to do so.  The only reason for creating academic classes to match registration groups for a registration period is so that they appear on the student timetables and so that Cover slips for Reg periods can be printed with student names.

The normal way to represent registration periods is in Nova and is designed specifically for Cover purposes. Reg Periods are created as Non teaching periods and Non Class codes entered for Teachers for Registration. These periods do not appear on the student timetables.

Periods must not be excluded or made non-teaching if the user wishes them to appear on student timetables as follows:

Registration in Teaching periods:

Where Registration periods are teaching periods in Nova, they are treated like any other teaching period.  A block is created and scheduled which represents the registration groups (one block of registration group classes for each year).  Teachers are assigned to these classes (not given NCCs) and they are scheduled in the normal way.

Cover sees this as no different from any of the other classes.  Where this type of Registration setup is used,  the students will need to be assigned to these registration group classes in Academic Management in SIMS .net.

When registration is set up in this way, it means that 2 reg columns will appear in Lesson Monitor and that the user will need to set up Lesson Monitor so that both columns are populated when the reg attendance is done. (Some schools prefer not to have these 2 columns displayed in Lesson Monitor and therefore opt for the other method -not teaching periods.)

Changing from one method to the other means sending the cycle to SIMS .net from Nova. It is not advisable to do this in the middle of the academic year.

In Nova-T6

Cycle Screen – right click the Blue Period Heading to select or de-select Non Teaching. When non-teaching is selected, the Period Row heading is black.

Reviewed 29/7/20

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