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How to deal with a staff leaver’s timetable for Cover

This KB gives 3 scenarios to help you to provide Cover for a teacher who has left the school,


1    If a staff member leaves and the timetable is taken over by just one supply teacher then the best option is to replace the leaver in Nova with the Supply person.  The Supply person will need to be given a record in Manage Classroom Staff (if one does not already exist) which will also give a record in Personnel 7 and a Service Agreement would be attached to this.
2   If the leaver’s timetable is not being taken over by just one person,  the leaver’s contract is usually terminated in P7, but with out giving a leaving date.  This means that their timetable is still in place in Nova and in Manage Classroom Staff and therefore also in Cover, they will need to be given a permanent absence.  Replacement teachers can be assigned in Cover on a daily basis.  When a permanent replacement is taken on, then the leaver can be given a leaving date and the timetable re-assigned in Nova.
3   If a leaver has been removed from the timetable, then the student timetables still show the classes, but with no teacher.  Cover will not work as it need a teacher to show as absent in order for cover to be assigned.  Capita are aiming to continue to  develop the software so that cover can be assigned where there is no teacher on a class and this will overcome this particular problem, we do not have any schedule for this improvement

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