Scomis Managed WiFi – Meraki Support & Troubleshooting

Support information (more to follow)

Solution is to be installed in two DCC Care Homes – management software runs in the cloud and power to the access points is provided by Ubiquiti TOUGHswitch carrier switches, Internet connections through Meraki MX60 Security appliance and MR18 access points.  DCC PCs connect through a Fortinet VPN managed by ICT Services.  Internet provided by BT.

  • PoE switches need to be set to PoE enabled – 48v
  • BT router details and external IP address in KeePass – see S&N Team
  • Access points are in ceiling panels in Ground Floor, in the Attic for the first floor
  • Other connections are for door controllers – i2 Security for DCC
  • Fortinet VPN – see Phil Lewis, Richard Tuckett – DCC ICTS
  • All devices are managed in the cloud

Scomis Managed Sites 

Mapleton, Newton Abbot – 9 AP
MR18 access points
MX60 appliance

Woodland Vale, Torrington – 9 AP
MR18 access points
MX60 appliance

See Adrian for any support for the time being….

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