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Scomis Hosted Application Connector – Second Logon Prompt

Problem – Second Logon Prompt

When logging onto the service through the Connector you may find a second login / double login box asks for your password…

Windows 7 Windows XP
2nd7 2ndXP



There are two possibilities for this happening, the most likely is an incorrect password has been entered.

On some systems we have also found that a missing registry key is preventing our Connector from saving the password for the session which causes this behaviour.


If you are still getting the 2nd login box, after verifying the password is correct, it could be that a registry key containing the system directory path is missing from the registry.

From an elevated (run as administrator) command prompt type in (all in one line) – 

reg add hklm\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows /v SystemDirectory /t REG_SZ /d C:\Windows\system32 /f

This will add the required parameter to the registry which will enable Windows Credentials Manager to store the credentials and stop the 2nd logon box.

You may also have received an error stating that “an error occurred while storing credentials” the first time a user logs in.

kb11749 11749

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