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\\ds\docs\Exeter, Great Moor House\EALData\Traded\ScoMIS\Applications Team\Address Validation

How is the address validation switched on?

Run patch 7186  – this will switch on the service to individually validate addresses

Run patch 11328 – this will switch on the bulk address validation service.

The Address Validation Service Setup

Can be found in Tools / Setups / Sims Services

Hosted schools:  check proxy server is and the radio dot is in “Use users network credentials”  Click on Test to test the Service and the Internet Service Connectivity.

The state of the Web address Validation service will be overwritten – This will change to online when the service is tested however it is expected to return back to an overwritten state upon saving.  This is expected functionality – the services will still work when the service is showing as overwritten.


Non hosted schools :The most common cause of this issue is that the Firewall is probably blocking access to this site.  The Firewall will need to allow full access to this site.

The URL that the address validation uses is:

URL for the Bulk Address Validation Service is

Non hosted schools. Another common cause of this issue is the Windows permissions  for the user running the routine. This can be tested by an Administrator logging on to the users machine and then the user logging into SIMS. If the Validation routine functions correctly then the relevant Windows permissions will need to be given to that user so that this routine functions with their Windows Account.

All schools :If the address is not found when validating –
Any errors with the address data should be reported to or via the post to Ordnance Survey, Romsey Road, SOUTHAMPTON, SO16 4GU, or telephone 08456 05 05 05.

Bulk Address Validation

The Schools.pdf manual (copy in the R:\traded\scomis\applications\address validation path) can be found in the Documentation area on the homepage in Sims – page 200 onwards has detailed instructions on how to setup and run the bulk address validation. It includes the preparation needed – running the unmatchable address report and the tidy and merge addresses from Tools/Housekeeping/Bulk Address Validation.  Essentially this is getting the schools addresses cleaned so that the bulk address validation can work as efficiently as possible.


Unmatchable Address Report doesn’t display on second run.  Turn off Z6 in Tools /Setups / Address Merge and Tidy Rules.

Tidy and Merge Addresses – it’s likely this will take a while to run the reports and tidy and merge the addresses – schools are advised to do this at the end of the day when the school network is not so busy.

2. Advice :  When setting up the scheduled task – schedule it to run every night (Monday to Friday) as it needs to be sent continuously until all addresses are validated.  Make sure this is done on the sql server and that the user has appropriate windows permissions (refer to documentation)



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