Post 16 Programmes of Study – New information required for 2020-2021

New fields have been added in in the Post 16 Programmes of Study table for 2020-2021 in line with rollout of T Levels

Programme Type, Start Date, End Date, Planned End Date, Status and Reason (if withdrawn) are required for the Autumn 2020 census for all Post 16 students.  Students are deemed to be on a Study Programme unless they are following a T Level qualification.  These columns can be flood filled by selecting all students (Ctrl+A) and using the Calculate Programmes of Study button.  You will need to Save this information before you fill in the the Qual Hours and Non Qual Hrs columns.

If one or more of your students is following one of the new T Level qualification just select the student row and change the Programme Type to T Level or T Level transition.

Want to know more about T Levels?  Read our faq –




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