User Defined Group not pulling through to reports

When running a report eg. Group Session Summary Report – a user defined group that has been set up is not showing in the drop down to base the report on when changing the date range filter.

This is because, when you set up a user defined group, you need to set the date range of the group before adding pupils.

Once the ‘Whole Year (01/09/2017 – 31/08/2018)’ has been selected, you can add in the pupils and they will then be part of this group for the whole date range. The User Defined Groups will then pull through to reports covering dates over the whole academic year.

If you have already added all of the pupils without changing the date range, you will need to either remove them, set the date range again and re-add them to the group. Otherwise, you can make the group inactive and create a new user defined group.


Reviewed: 26/03/2020


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