SIMS Reporting on Linked Documents

Reporting on Linked Documents

In the upgrade SIMS Summer 2016 Capita have brought in a change to the reporting dictionary which means you can now report on linked documents.

This will enable you to select a Documents sub-report, which in turn allows you to list all document recorded against a student.

Select Reports – Design Report – Create a New Report. Select Student as your focus and On Roll as your Data Area (in effect Student, next, next). Scroll down the list of fields and you will see a new option of Documents.

Double-click on the “blue box” to bring this across to the right hand list. Alternatively you can highlight it and use the right-facing arrow to achieve the same result.

You can then select any of the fields as required. You can set parameters or filters on this sub-report as required although best practice would be to set a filter on the main report of “Documents exist” as well.

Select Next to get to the Apply Filter window. Click on New.

Navigate to Documents and expand it to select the blue box underneath. Click on OK to accept the default of “Exist”. This will then mean that your report only brings in students who have at least one linked document.

Capita have provided a video tutorial if you would like to see a demonstration of this new functionality.

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