How To Create A Derived Year In Nova T6

A derived year enables you to create sessions for students from different years, in SIMS .net>Focus>School>Academic Structue>Curriculum Assignment by Scheme all the students in the derived years will show as eligible.

For this example I am going to add years 7 and 8 to a derived band.

1. On the left of the Model screen , click the + button to add a year, you will need to give the year a name eg 7-8

2. Select year 7 and right click in the band to ‘Add Derived’ a pink block will be added, this can be extended across all bands for the year if required. Repeat this for year 8

3. Go to the new year you created in step 1 (7-8) and right click in the band area, select ‘Add Derived’. Right click in the pink block and select ‘Derive From’ you will see the names of the blocks you created in step 2 are available to select

4. Continue as you would normally to create, staff, build and schedule the required block(s) in the Derived year

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