KS2 Assessments – Uploading Results to National Assessment Agency.


Exporting Results –

Once the appropriate assessment levels or test scores have been entered for all pupils, the results need to be exported to the National Assessment Agency.

In SIMS.net. Tools>Setup>CTF

1. Click on the hyperlink to Alternative Destinations.
2. Panel 4 will show you the Alternative Destinations that you have on the system. If NAALLLL is not already showing – click New to add a new destination.
3.To add new destination enter the code eg. NAALLLL and the description ‘National Assessment Agency’ click ok, save and close. Logout of sims and back in to refresh destination information.

Create CTF File in Routines>Data Out>CTF>Export CTF  by selecting KS2 from the list of export types. Select Year 6 from the drop down list (check all pupils with results to be exported have a UPN)

Click in the cell ‘Destination LA/Other’ column and select ‘National Assessment Agency’

Click Export CTF to create file.

Your KS2 CTF containing results should be sent using the ‘Teacher Assessment’ link below –


Please be aware that Hosted Application users may experience issues loading this page. For further information please see the following link. http://faq.scomis.org/kb17355/

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