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Cannot load or display internet web page

  1. Try a different web browser i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox
  2. Try pinging the web page i.e. ping scomis.org and see if it gets a response and resolved to an IP address (Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=54). If there is no IP address, there may be a problem with the DNS/Hosts file which is usually on the curriculum server.
  3. Check the proxy settings IE / Edge 

Within the proxy settings, choose the Advanced tab and check for exceptions. Exceptions are entered in order to bypass the proxy server. Some address may or may not work when used through the proxy. Check the tab for the web page address you are trying to access and either remove the entry or add the entry in the format ;*.scomis.org

Check to see if it is for all staff members and how many web pages are inaccessible. If it for all staff, it may be to do with the filtering by the ISP. Check that the connection has not switched to a wireless one if there is usually a network cable plugged in.


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