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Updated KS2 Wizards – Comparative Report

Capita provides a KS2 Comparative England 2019 report in SIMS that enables schools to provide parents with information on the school’s current Year 6 end of key stage outcomes alongside comparable national data from 2018. Unfortunately, some inconsistencies have been identified in the report in the way the data is currently presented for national performance and the school for achieving and exceeding in teacher assessments and test results. Capita apologises for this. They are investigating how this happened, but their focus is on addressing and fixing the points raised as a high priority.

In response to feedback from school users, an updated KS2 Wizard with the updated KS2 Comparative Report was made available (week beginning  8th July 19). The report address inconsistencies in the calculations in the Test Results (page 2) of the report in addition to the tidying up of footer and other report text.  This report can still be downloaded from Corrected KS2 Wizard.  This version of the report had no changes made to the Teacher Assessments on Page 1.

Since the issue was raised with the Service Desk, the development team have reviewed the KS2 Comparative Report themselves and made the same changes in addition to some others to bring the Teacher Assessment Outcomes in line with the Test Outcomes and DfE publication of results, this can be summarised as follows:

  • The National Data in the revised KS2 Comparative Report now aligns with those presented by the DFE

o    For the Test Results (Page 2 of the report) the percentage of pupils achieving the standard now includes the pupils whom exceeded the standard. *

o    For the Teacher Assessments (Page 1 of the report), those working at the expected standard (EXS) now includes those who are working at greater depth (GDS), therefore the row labelled EXS includes those percentages in GDS. **

o    For example, this means that for Writing Teacher Assessments, when reviewing the 2018 National percentage of pupils at the Expected Standard (78%) this percentage now includes those same pupils who are reported to have a Greater Depth of Learning (20%).

o    This therefore means that the methodology of presenting the expected standard (EXS) for Teacher Assessment is the same as that for Achieving Standard for the Test Results.

  • The note referencing KS1 has been updated to reflect KS2
  • The footer notes have been removed

* This is how data is presented in the DfE 2018 Performance Data Spreadsheet – Table N1b from the link below

** This is how data is presented in the DfE 2018 Performance Data Spreadsheet – Table N3 from the link below


If you wish to use this version of the KS2 Comparative Report then this can also be downloaded from Corrected KS2 Wizard

PLEASE NOTE: Neither report is wrong, it’s simply a preference on how data is presented in the reports.
When Capita SIMS receives the 2020 Specifications from the DfE, they will review those again and consider any further recommendations from users on how best to present the data.

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