Linking SIMS Pay with Dinner Money Client

In order to link SIMS Parent Pay with SIMS Dinner Money on the hosted platform you will need to do the following:


Firstly a patch will be required. This patch is: 21654

Please log a request with the Service Desk asking for this Patch to be run against your schools data. Include that this is for SIMS Pay to link with SIMS Dinner Money. Once accepted, this will then run overnight and once confirmed it has been successful, will be ready for the following step.

Please only request this patch if you currently have SIMS Pay set up within the Hosted Platform, if you are not sure then please speak to the Service Desk.


The day after the patch has been run successfully, you will then need to create a user within SIMS with the following details.

Log in to SIMS. Go to Focus -> System Manager -> New.


  • Surname:   Client
  • Forename: Dinner Money
  • Click “Next”
  • Assign the user to the “Dinner Money client for Agora” group.
  • Click “Save”


If this user is not created it will generate errors and functionality will be lost.


Once this has been done, please update your ticket stating that the user has now been set up.

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