Can ledger codes be deleted


Before deleting a ledger code ensure the following have been checked :

1. The ledger code has not been used in the financial year

2. Delete any cost centre links to the ledger code

3. Remove any reference to the ledger code in Budget Planning (Focus>Budget Planning).

4. A ledger code must not be used in any journal templates , e-procurement or templates (Focus>General Ledger> Manual Journal Processing (tick templates))

5. A ledger code must not be used in user defined reports  (Reports>General Ledger>user defined reports)

6. A ledger code must not be linked in Service Term Mapping in Personnel Links>Salary Projections (make sure there are no old ones without a tick too) CLICK PRINT BUTTON TO LIST

If  a Local Payment School also check no products using ledger/cost centre link.

If a ledger code has been used it cannot be deleted. Wait until the next financial year and then the ledger code can be deleted in Tools>General Ledger Setup>Tab 4 (use the minus key on the left)


Reviewed – 16/02/2015


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