How do I map a service term in FMS6?

Once the service term (and any financial sub group) is set up in Sims .net it needs to be mapped in FMS6 so that the monetary commitment goes against the correct cost centre.

Before starting the following must be in place:-

Ledger codes (type ES) set up for pay, NI and superannuation via Tools>General Ledger Setup>Ledger Codes

Ledger codes linked to required cost centre via Tools>General Ledger Setup>c/c ledger links

1. Go to Focus>Personnel Links>Salary Projections then Salary Projections>Service Term Mapping – use icons if preferred.

2. Use the browsers to choose the required service term, sub group and default cost centre.

3. Click on the + to the right of the Fund – Ledger mapping to add the relevant codes, click update when finished.

4. If overtime is likely to be paid enter a monetary value between 1 – 999 in the ‘Other Payments to a Maximum Value’ field then click the + on the right to add the relevant fund and ledger codes, click update when finished.


Reviewed 14/02/2019


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