Funding and Monitoring – Example of repeating Year 13

The screenshots below are an example of how to record a repeating year 13.

Using a student named Hannah will illustrate a method for taking account of students repeating year 13 and thereby extending their learning and programme aims into a third year.

Hannah is several months too old to be taught in year 13 in academic year 2021/22 according to her age, but is able to repeat that year because the DfE will fund such repeating of year 13 from the funds made available to schools for education recovery.

Screenshot 1: Basic Details panel of Focus | Student | Student Details

Hannah was assigned to a Chemistry A level class for academic year 2020/21 so she could complete the second year of her course.

Screenshot 2: Classes link in Focus | Student | Student | Details

Hannah is once again assigned to a Chemistry A level class for, but this time it is for academic year 2021/22 so she can repeat the second year of her course.

Screenshot 3: Classes link in Focus | Student | Student | Details

We run Update Course Membership to get Hannah Chemistry course extended into 2021/22 in line with the Chemistry class she has been assigned to for academic year for 2021/22.

Screenshots 4 and 5: Tools | Academic Management | Courser Manager | Update Course Membership

We can open the A level chemistry course to check that Hannah’s membership has been extended into academic year 2021/22.  This can be contrasted with Sandra, who did not repeat year 13 and who’s course membership has ended in academic year 2020/21 as is normal for a two a level course that started in academic year 2019/20.

Screenshot 6: Membership and Results panel of Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Maintain Course

Now that Hannah’s extended Chemistry A level course is in place, we can can run Calculate from Courses in Maintain Post-16 Programmes of Study to get the extended course membership reflected in an extended programme membership.

Screenshot 7: Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Post-16 Programmes of Study

Although the DfE wants a learners repeating of year 13 for COVID-19 related reasons to be reflected in School Census as a new programme and new learning aims, it is important that schools attempt no no action in course management to bring this about.  As long as schools follow the method described above, our School Census application for Autumn 2021 will report a learners extended programme and learning aims in SIMS as a completed programme and learning aims for academic year 2020/21 and as a new programme and learning aims for academic year 2021/22 in the return file.


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