Adding/Updating DNS records

The DNS records are held on the Scomis Firewall, you will need to use an SSH/SCP protocol application to edit the zone files and to invoke a restart of the DNS Server.

  • Install WINSCP (or putty)
  • Connect to Firewall –
    Use Port 22, user = root with the password found in the secure password repository.
  • Navigate to the top or Root of the server drive
  • Browse to etc
  • Browse to bind
  • Double click to edit
  • Add or Copy another record and amend as needed
  • Put your entry in the appropriate section and add a comment prefixed with a semicolon after the entry, e.g.:
  • IN A ; vpn server
  • If adding an entry for terminal server create the sql. entry at the same time and put them in the appropriate place, e.g. alphabetical!
  • 600 IN CNAME
  • 600 IN CNAME
  • Change the Serial number of the zone file.At the top of the Zone File, you will see a number, similar to that below.    IN    SOA ( 2010020901
  • The serial is in the format YYYYMMDDxx where xx is the daily increment – 1 is added to it each time a change is made.
  • Save the changes and close the DNS Zone file.

Test the syntax of the zone file for errors.

  • Click the “open terminal” button and enter the command:
  • named-checkzone /etc/bind/
  • Output should be like this otherwise you have made an error and need to troubleshoot
    /etc/bind$ named-checkzone /etc/bind/
    zone loaded serial 2011110101

Restart the DNS Service so that the changes are replicated to other DNS Servers.

  • Click the “open terminal” button and enter the command:
  •  /etc/init.d/named restart

Perform and NSLookup to check that the DNS record has been replicated.

NOTE – changes to DNS may take up to an hour to replicate to the cloud slave server:

DNS Master is / / iptables firewall

DNS Slave is / / scomis cloud server

DNS Slave is / / scolamp


Last Reviewed 26/05/2015

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