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Deployment and Installation Documentation

Important Update: Please read http://faq.scomis.org/kb930 before installing onto Toshiba Satellite Pro Notebooks

There are two sets of documentation which have been split into Primary / Secondary routes for installation.  Broadly these equate to:

  • Primary School – End User Installation
  • Secondary School – ICT Technician Installation
    • If in your primary school you have an ICT technician we recommend you consider following the Secondary School guidance.

In a primary school the person responsible for ICT should read the deployment guide which will explain the options you have to implement the service in the best way for your school

The installation guide will take end users through the prerequisite tasks and installation of the software onto their laptop

In a secondary school the Network Manager or person responsible for ICT should read the deployment guide and plan the implementation for their school.  Their is no separate installation guide for a secondary school because as explained in the deployment guide we recommend the ICT team install the software for their end users.  We have produced online screen cast video’s to demonstrate this process in an example secondary school.


Please note:

  • These documents have been made available as PDF and Word files – the content of each is identical.
  • The Word files are made available so that you may customise the documentation or tailor the process based on your schools requirements before beginning installations.
  • If you have suggestions for improvements to the original documentation please send them either as comments or attached files by email to systems@devon.gov.uk


Reviewed 22/12/2014

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