Backing up the RM CC4 Database

If the school are using the RM Server Backup then the RM CC4 Management Console databases are normally backed up daily, however if the school are using a Remote Backup solution then a scheduled task needs to be created.

Follow these instructions for schools that have SR1 or higher installed.

  • Log onto server
  • Click Start > All Programs > RM Server Backup > RM Server Backup
  • Untick “Enable Scheduled Backups
  • Close RM Server Backup
  • Browse to D:\RMNetwork\Server\Tools\CC4 Database Backup scheduler\vx.x.x.x
  • Execute RM.Networks.CC4.Database.DatabaseScheduler.exe
  • Open up the Windows Scheduled Tasks
  • Change the time for the task CC4 PostgreSQL DB Backup so that the backup is run before the Remote Backup starts.


Reviewed on 17/02/2015

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