How do I add an exceptional circumstance for attendance?

Y and # codes cannot be entered through the register, a member of admin staff will need to follow this routine:

  1. Go to Focus>Attendance>Exceptional Circumstances (or Focus>Lesson Monitor>Exceptional Circumstances)
  2. Click new
  3. Enter the dates you require
  4. Select group type (e.g Whole School if the school had to be closed or Individual pupil if someone was off for an undefined reason)
  5. Select the correct Code
  6. Add a description and highlight those that you wish the code to apply to and then click apply
    • If you need to select multiple pupils, you can use control on the keyboard to select the pupils you need.

If an absence code has already been entered into the register such as C or I, the exceptional circumstance will not overwrite this, you will need to delete out the absence marks and then enter an exceptional circumstance. 

If in doubt as to which code to use please consult your school’s Education Welfare Officer



Reviewed 29/7/20

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