How do I remove headers and/or footers from Attendance/Lesson Monitor reports?

Applicable to Windows® Internet Explorer users only.


  1. Select Reports | Attendance (or Lesson Monitor) and then select the required report.
  2. Specify the required report criteria.
  3. Click the Print button to display the Run a Screen Based Report dialog.
  4. Ensure that the Output to a web browser radio button is selected then click the OK button to display the report in Internet Explorer. To ensure that the report header and footer is blank:
  5. Select File | Page setup to display the Page Setup dialog.
  6. In the Header and Footers panel, ensure that Empty is selected from each drop-down list (three options in the Header section and three options in the Footer section).
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. Select File | Print to print the report.

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