Locking and Unlocking Examinations Organiser Marksheets.

Marksheets created in Examinations Organiser can be made read-only, enabling their data to still be viewed while preventing them from being edited. This would be particularly useful when working with entry marksheets, where the submission file has been sent to the examination board and you do not want any changes to be made to the corresponding marksheet(s).

Click the Manage Basedata button on the Application Bar or select Focus | Basedata to display the Basedata for Season dialog.

Navigate to the second level item (series) by clicking the + button to expand the navigation tree and highlight the required series.

Series icon

Right-click the required series and select Marksheet Locks from the popup menu to display the Series Marksheets Locks

Select or deselect the check box of the process(es) for which you wish to lock or unlock the marksheets for the selected Series.

Click the Lock or Unlock button to affect the selected marksheet process(es).


Reviewed 24/5/2020

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