Downloading and Importing of Exams Basedata – The Basics.

Details of examinations are supplied by examination boards as basedata files. The exam boards distribute a complete set of basedata appropriate to a particular time of year that they refer to as a Series. The basedata files contain most of the required information including syllabuses, options, components, dates and duration of examinations, maximum marks for
coursework, assessments and whether forecast grades should be sent to the exam boards, etc.

Basedata should be downloaded from you EDI Inbox or Exam Boards website.

Save directly into your EXAMIN folder which is normally your network drive\Sims\EXAMIN or if your a hosted school F:\Public\Sims\EXAMIN

Once the basedata in in this folder it will need to be unzipped this can be done by right clicking on the folder and selecting ‘Extract All’ and follow the wizard.

IMPORTANT – When selecting the destination of the files the files must be saved to the EXAMIN and not a sub folder of the EXAMIN folder.

Once this has been done you will then be able to go into Exams Organiser and import the basedata.

Exams Organiser > Focus > Basedata > Right click over the board and select ‘Import Basedata’

Select the file for import and the basedata should be available for Import and click Ok

Click Next, the next stage is to select the awards and elements you wish to import as part of your basedata.

This is achieved by navigating from the top level (award) to the second level (element) by clicking the + button to expand the award tree. The elements will be displayed beneath the award.

Click Next and give the basedata a Series Title – The format of the Series Title you enter is largely unimportant. For ease of recognition however, it is suggested you enter a meaningful name that is easily identifiable and distinguishes itself from any other series.

Click Finish


Reviewed on 29/7/20



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