Examinations Organiser – “Internal Title must be unique” when setting up new basedata

For the Internal Title must be unique issue, firstly take note of the title that it is given in the import/refresh basedata routine.

Once you have the name, go to Tools | School Setup | Exam Award.

This will give you a list of all Awards that have been imported in the past.

Search for the title that is included in the basedata you are trying to import. You will likely find that there is another Award with the same title.

Check the Code for that award, if this starts with U#, A# or G# then these have been created rather than imported, open this and rename the Award.

If the Award has an official code from a board, open the Award and check the Expiry Date, if this is prior to the season needed, or you no longer use the board that the award falls under, rename the internal title.

Once the Internal Title does not match what is in the basedata, the basedata will import as needed.


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