How do I make Candidate Eligible for Special Arrangements?

Select Focus | Candidates | Internal to display the Internal  Candidate browser.

Highlight the candidate for whom you want to grant Special Arrangements and click the View/Edit button to display the Internal Candidate Details form. The Basic Details page will be selected automatically.

Select the Special Arrangements browse Icon.

One of the available Items is ‘Extra Time Without Special Arrangement’ Choose this item and click update.

Click the Save Record Changes button on the Focus Bar to save the changes.

Save Record Changes button  .

If you do not have this Item to select and your a Hosted Services School please contact Scomis Service Desk and request Patch 17689 to be applied to your

Non Hosted Services School can download the following Patch 3.61.861 to 3.61.999 17689 and apply to your


Reviewed 24/5/2019

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