How do I export Sims.net Reports


You will need to be a member of any of the following User Groups in System Manager to run this function: Administration Assistant, Assessment Coordinator, Assessment Operator, Class Teacher, Pastoral Manager, School Administrator, System Manager.

Previously defined report definitions can be exported for use by other departments, schools, establishments or agencies as required. When exporting, a single file is created with an .RPTDEF file extension which can contain one or many SIMS .net report definitions . This file can then be imported by another user.

Step 1. Select Reports | Export to open the Select Reports to Export.

Step 2. Navigate to the folder containing the reports to be exported by expanding the folder structure using the + icon as required.

Step 3. Select the report(s) to include in the export file using any of the following methods: To export an individual report, click on the required report name. To select multiple reports, hold down the Ctrl key and click all the required reports.

Step 4. Once the required reports have been highlighted, click the OK button to select the report(s) you wish to export.

Step  5. The selected reports are listed in the dialog. Ensure the Include associated presentation documents in exported file check box is selected. This will ensure that all associated templates/mail merge documents, etc. are included in the export file.

Step 6. Select the location where the export file should be stored by clicking the Open button

Step 7. Once the required location has been selected, enter the file name which will be saved with an RPTDEF file extension. Ensure the file name has no spaces (use the underscore _ if required).

Step 8.Click the Save button to return to the Export report(s) dialog.

Step 9. Click the export button to create the export file. The dialog will close once the process is complete.

Reports can be imported by going Report > Import > Browse to where the Report is saved.



Reviewed – 29/7/20

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