Deleting Staff in Personnel due to GDPR

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In most cases, it is not possible to delete the entire record of a staff member because of the complexity of links to other data within SIMS. In the Spring 2019 release of SIMS Capita relaxed some of the rules that prevented deletion in previous versions, mainly to cover the scenario where a member of staff has been added to SIMS in preparation for their arrival but did not eventually join the school. However, If a staff member has been at the school for any longer periods of time, their references across the database will be large and complex and this update is unlikely to help.

Where a previous member of staff now wishes to exercise their right to be forgotten in SIMS, if the school has no legal basis to retain this information, then they can delete data where possible, for example contact information, employment information, staff contract etc. At this point it may still not be possible to delete the entire record, in this case we recommend that the school anonymise the record by replacing personal identifiable information with GDPR Forename Redacted as an example. This will therefore mean that this persons record, where links cannot be removed, will no longer identify this person.




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