How to add a UKPRN (Post 16 providers)

UKPRN’s are mandatory for Post 16 Learning Aims in the Autumn 2015 School Census if the establishment delivering the learning aim is not funded by the DfE.  As most schools are colleges are funded by the DfE most schools will not have to add UKPRN’s to their learning aims.

  • If your school is delivering all the learning aims for your post 16 students, no action needs to be taken.
  • If your school has on roll post 16 students who are going to other establishments for some of their learning aims which are not funded by the DfE the following action needs to be taken in preparation for the Census.

1.  Find the UKPRN of the external provider –

2.  Go to Tools / Academic Management / Maintain Course Classification – select Provider UKPRN from the Classification Codeset.

3.  Click on New on the right hand side and type in the UKPRN in the code and the name of the school in the DescriptionSave the change.

4.  Open the Course from Maintain Course (Tools / Academic Management / Course Manager)

5.  Go to Panel 4. Classification.

6.  Select Provider UKPRN as the Codeset.

7.  Add the Provider and Save the Details.

NB if the provider differs for students in the same course then the UKPRN will need to be added to the students in Panel 7. Memberships and Results



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