SIMS Online Services – Creating and Managing User Accounts

Inviting Users

Administrators can invite users to create accounts from the SIMS Product Admin website by selecting Manage Users > Invite new users. All new users accounts must link to a person in SIMS. You will need to select a source group, either Staff, Students or Parents.

  • Staff will show individually, it will pull through the main email address that has been entered onto the contact details panel of their personnel record in SIMS.
  • Students will show in their Groups, so that you can invite them in bulk if you wish, alternatively you can invite them individually. It will pull through the email that you have entered for them on their Student Record under the Telephone and Email Addresses tab.
  • Parents is similar to Students where you can choose individually or by group. Anyone with Parental Responsibility will show, it pulls through the main email address on their record, from the contact details panel.

The email addresses that the invitations will be sent to are not necessarily the accounts that will be used by the user. All users will require a valid Google, Microsoft, Office 365, Twitter or Facebook account. This external account will link with the SIMS account for the user. Please ignore SIMS ID as this is not something that we can offer.

For security reasons, invites expire 14 days after they are sent. You can resend the emails by clicking on the Reinvite users option under Manage Users.



Once your users have accepted their invitations and registered you can assign them permissions by going to Options > Permissions. This will show you a list of active users, by default they will have no permissions assigned to them. To assign permissions you must tick at least one of the tick boxes:

  • Administrator – has read/write access to the entire system, i.e. they can set up the plan, select choices on behalf of the students, use the Solution Editor, etc.
  • Reviewer – allocated read-only access to the Student Choices page only. This is recommended for use by Heads of Department, Heads of Faculty, etc.
  • Choices – allocated read/write access to all student choices on the Student Choices page only.
  • Student – allocated read/write access to their own choices on the Student Choices page only.
  • Parent – allocated read/write access to their own child’s choices on the Student Choices page only.

Once permissions have been allocated, the users will be able to access Options Online via https://www.sims-options.co.uk.

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