Exams – Making Amendments

Once an entries submission has been made, changes to these entries may need to be made. Changes to entries can be made in Examinations Organiser and then an amendment file can be created and sent to the exam board.

Focus > Candidates > Internal > Select the Student

On the Internal Candidate Details screen, select tab 2: Entries and Forecasts

Locate the Exam the student and click the edit pencil

To withdraw a student from an Exam change the entry mode to No Entry click Update.

Click Save.

Creating an Amendment File

Now that Examinations Organiser is up-to-date, the board need to be advised of the change.

Select Focus > Submissions > Add

In the Board field, click the Magnifying glass button, and then select the board & select the series
Select Amendment as the Type of EDI submission file.

Click the Generate File button.

Click the Yes button, and then click the Yes button again.
Once the list of candidates and their entries has been generated successfully, the Generating Submission window will show Submit Complete – 0 Errors. If any errors are listed, the submission should be abandoned and these errors corrected before attempting the submission again.

Check the changes on the right-hand panel.

If the content of the submission file appears to be correct, click the Submit button to complete the process of creating the A file that will be saved in the EDI Outbox.

Check that no errors have occurred, and then click the Close button.

NOTE: This file now needs to be sent to the exam board using the A2C software.

Reviewed 29/7/20


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