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Rooms are in SIMS.net but are not appearing in Examinations Organiser

In Examinations Organiser:

1. Tools | School Setup | Exam Room.

2. Select ‘ADD’ to add a new exam room.

3. Click on the browser to view the list of rooms available.

If the room is not listed in the dropdown menu but has been added in SIMS.net, please check that room details have been set up correctly in SIMS.net. A room must have a ‘Room short name’, ‘Room long name’, ‘ Main User’, ‘Maximum Group Size’ and ‘Area size’.

To check the Room details in SIMS.net, go through route: Focus | School | Rooms Click on Search.

* Rooms must have a ‘Main User’ if it has been added as a new room.

Once a room has been added as an Exam Room in Examinations Organiser, deleting the Main User for the room will still leave the room intact in the Exams system.

* Please also note that after saving any details in SIMS.net, you need to exit out of SIMS Examinations Organiser and re-launch the module.

Reviewed 24/5/2019

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