Ledger code not mapped for service term

This appears when the service term mapping cannot be found for the ledger code associated with the current reconciliation item in Personnel Links.

Start in Personnel and make a note of the Service Term and Financial Sub Group for the relevant contract

In FMS check the service term/ledger code mapping under:

Focus > Personnel links > Salary projections > Service term mapping.

These need to be the same as the contract and the ledger code that is failing reconciliation

The information is embedded within FMS when the file has been imported so if changes have been made since the import it may look correct, but you may need to wait until the next reconciliation file is imported for it to work automatically.

A workaround for this issue would be to manually process the item under:

Focus > Personnel Links > Individual Salary Payment

The item then needs to be deleted from the automatic reconciliation list (suspense file)


Last Reviewed 26/02/2019

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