Send InTouch messages to leavers contacts

It is possible to send InTouch messages to contacts of students who have now left.

There are currently two workarounds for this:

Create a User Defined Group for the Contacts

Go to Focus | Group | User Defined Groups and enter a Group Description and Short Name. Make sure that the Active State is set to ‘Active’.

In the Membership panel, click ‘Action’ and ‘Add Member’. Change the Role to Contact and select the applicable records. Once they have been added, save the new group.

Go to Focus | InTouch | Send Message and click the ‘To’ button. For the Category, select User Defined Groups and then the group that has just been created. Click ‘Search’ and the contacts of the group will appear.

Manually Selecting Contacts

Another solution would be to manually search for and select the contacts in Focus | InTouch | Send Message. Unfortunately, this is quite a manual process and could be time consuming, depending on how many contacts need this message to be sent.

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