Sims ParentApp Setup Guidance

Below is a summary of the setup process,  for more detail please download the Sims Parent Install guidance.
Step 1 : Register
  1. The nominated Sims Parent Administrator at the school emails to request Sims Parent with the following information NB If you are requesting the free Parent Lite version – please go to Order Parent Lite App from here
    1. School name
    2. Postcode
    3. LA Number
    4. School Number
    5. Email (this will be the email address of the administrator at the school for Sims ParentLite and can be a Google, Microsoft, Office 365, Facebook or Twitter account).
  2. Sims Parent Administrator receives an activation email from “”
  3. Administrator clicks on the link in the activation email and signs in with their Google, Microsoft, Office 365, Facebook or Twitter account. NB if it is an Office 365 account its important to click on the configure Office 365 link at this point.
  4. Once signed in click on the Register button and select the time zone from the drop down list.
  5.  Click on OK to confirm the timezone, the Onboarding checklist will be displayed with the Secret Code and Client ID.
Step 2 : Send Details to your IT Contact
  1. Click on the link to email the Secret Code and Client ID to your IT contact.  Hosted Schools:  please send the Secret Code and client ID to  If you have requested the full Sims ParentApp product (not the free Lite version) you will also have received a patch from Capita which you will need to forward to your IT contact or Scomis.
  2. You can now log out of the onboarding site.

If you are part of a federation, please double check and then specify in your email which school the codes are for. You will need to log separate calls for each school with their relevant codes. 

Step 3: Apply the Patch (full version only) and Setup Sims Service Manager

(NB if you are already using Sims Online Options you will have already installed the Sims Online Package and you can skip the SSM step).

To be completed by Scomis for hosted schools or the Schools IT contact if non-hosted

  1. Apply the patch (full Sims Parent only there is no patch for the Lite version) to the Sims database.
  2. Next configure Sims Service Manager by downloading the Sims Online Services Package from Manage Packages.
  3. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret Code into the SIMS Online Services Client.
  4. Wait for 90 minutes for initial synchronisation to complete or alternately restart SSM to trigger immediate synchronisation.
  5. Email the administrator to confirm SSM has been setup for Sims Parent.
Step 4:  Invite others

Once you’ve had confirmation that SSM has been setup, log back into to complete the setup process

  1. Click Onboarding, where you will be asked to map yourself to a SIMS user. Highlight your name  in the list of SIMS users and click the Map Administrator button. NOTE: It is strongly recommended that more than one Administrator is setup.

  2. Log out when prompted and log back in again – the Onboarding Checklist will confirm that your setup is complete and it will recommend that you apply settings and invite users.
  3. Administrators can invite other administrators or parents by selecting Manage Users (students can only be invited if you are using the full version of Sims ParentApp). Users must have a valid primary email address in Sims (Google, Microsoft, Office 365, Facebook or Twitter account).  They will receive an email similar to the activation email you received as an administrator inviting them to register. If users are already using Sims Options Online they do not need to be re-invited.

Step 5.  Settings and Configuration
  1.  Next click on Sims Parent to apply Settings to choose what you want to publish to parents.  NB only the Data Collection Sheet is available in the free Lite version.

  2. If you are using the full ParentApp version you can also click on Sims Student and apply Settings for students.

  3. Use the Data Collection option under Sims Parent to keep track of which users have registered and are using the product.
  4. Once they have registered parents can download Sims ParentApp and login or and login through a web browser at





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